We Are Fee-Only, Advice-Only Financial Planners

Jason Heath, CFP – Managing Director

Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Economics degree from York University in Toronto. He has also earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. In addition, Jason has completed numerous financial, tax and estate planning specialty courses from a variety of organizations.

Jason has authored and been interviewed for articles on a wide variety of topics appearing in publications such as the National Post, MoneySense, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, Private Wealth Canada, Precedent, Advisor’s Edge and Investment Executive. He also appears frequently on CTV News Channel. Jason has been providing fee-only, advice-only financial planning since 2001. Jason is currently a personal finance columnist for the Financial Post and MoneySense Magazine.

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Nancy Grouni, CFP – Financial Planner

Nancy has earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. In addition, she has completed numerous financial, investment and insurance courses from a variety of organizations. Nancy has over 20 years of financial industry experience, having spent several years as a Senior Associate within the investment industry with a focus on building and presenting client financial plans and investment portfolio reviews. Nancy has been interviewed for publications such as the Globe & Mail and Yahoo! Canada Finance. Nancy has held an insurance license and reviewed client insurance needs and implemented life insurance solutions in her previous roles.

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Kim Allard – Executive Assistant

Kim studied towards a Bachelor of Arts degree at York University in Toronto. She has completed numerous tax and financial planning courses. Kim has worked as a branch manager with a Canadian trust company and as an executive assistant with Canada’s oldest fee-only, advice-only financial planning firm.

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We Sell No Products Whatsoever

Our sole purpose is unbiased, objective financial, tax and estate planning advice

Fee-Only, Advice-Only Financial Planning

Financial planning encompasses the following key areas: cash flow management, investment strategies, tax efficiency, insurance needs and estate planning. We provide all of these services but unlike most financial advisers, we do not sell anything other than our time, so you know that we do not have any conflicts of interest.

Retirement Planning

We can build a retirement plan that is relevant to you regardless of your age or stage. How much do you need to save each year?  How much do you need to retire? How much can you afford to spend in retirement? What is the best way to draw down your assets? We can help answer these questions.

Investment Strategy

We don’t hold any investment licenses, so we’re not going to tell you which stocks to buy and sell. What we can do is help you with your asset allocation, tax efficiency and strategies, performance evaluation and investment fee assessment.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a very important piece of your overall financial picture and requires special consideration. Our tax services include tax planning and tax preparation.

Insurance Needs

Most people need insurance as a risk management tool. Some people can use it as an investment strategy. Either way, we can help you understand if and how it fits into your financial plan and evaluate what type of coverage you might need in your personal situation.

Estate Planning

Clients who work with us on an ongoing basis will have their wills, powers of attorney, insurance and beneficiary designations reviewed on a regular basis. Estate planning tends to be an interrelated part of an overall financial plan.

Canadian Expats

We provide financial planning for Canadian expatriates who have relocated to other parts of the world. We can advise on issues related to Canadian investments, real estate, income tax and retirement, with a particular focus on those expats who plan to retire back to Canada.

Paraplanning (The Planner's Planner)

In the U.K and Australia, paraplanning is a popular service among financial advisers. Advisers commonly outsource the preparation of financial plans and other services to paraplanners. In Canada, there are few firms providing paraplanning services. We are one of them.

Employee Financial Planning

Many companies have started to add fee-only, advice-only financial planning as a perk for their senior executives. It helps keep top talent focused on corporate business because they know their personal business is well-organized by a professional who is on their side.

True Financial Planning is a Process, Not a Product

After an introductory call to determine if and how we can help, our clients complete a questionnaire and provide a list of supplementary data before we put together a comprehensive financial plan that includes:

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Jason is smart, experienced and knows his stuff. He’s a great source for personal finance insight. Bruce Sellery

Author of “Moolala: Why smart people do dumb things with their money (and what you can do about it)” Columnist at Moneysense Magazine

My husband and I have used Jason’s services for many years, starting before he was at Objective Financial Partners. His work is of such high quality that we decided to follow him when he left his last position. Jason covers off our financial planning and tax return preparation for our family. He also provides excellent ongoing advice for other financial questions/projects we have going on outside of our family home and personal taxes. My tax return can sometimes be complicated because I have a business outside of my employment – Jason has never had any issues with this and is able to consistently complete the paperwork maximizing the return for me. I have recommended him to many other people, and we will continue to work with Jason on an ongoing basis.

Dvorah R.

Senior Manager

True fee-only planners are rare in Canada but Jason Heath has established himself and his new firm on the vanguard of this growing area. His reputation for dispensing sensible objective guidance has also made him a go-to source for many media. Jonathan Chevreau

Editor, MoneySense Magazine

Thanks for taking me on as a client. This has been an important exercise and has given me great insight into my financial affairs. You’ve been extremely helpful and I hope I can call on you from time to time to help me update my plan as circumstances change. I get the sense you have a thriving practice and hope you don’t mind if I recommend you to some of my friends. Jack Fleischmann

General Manager, Business News Network

Nancy provided us with a very thorough financial plan that helped us immensely so would could get a solid grip on our financial picture both for the present and future.

John & Laura

Nancy is diligent, thorough, hard working, conscientious, and highly professional. She is committed to providing the highest level of client-service possible.

Michael Curtis

President, Vision Systems Corp.

I am not sure how I would have handled all this without your advice and assistance. I really was naive about the process, timelines and the decisions to be made. To tell you the truth, I find it a bit nerve-wracking. Thank you Jason for your support.

Judy S.

We went to Nancy to help with our retirement plan and see if we were on the right track. We found Nancy to be very thorough and she explained everything clearly. We were very happy with the final report. It was clear, concise and put our minds at ease. We would not hesitate to recommend Nancy to anyone looking for straightforward financial advice. Nancy & Gerry

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We don’t sell investments, so we’re not going to tell you which stocks to buy and sell. However, we can build you a comprehensive and truly objective financial plan.

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