Object Financial
Object Financial

Financial, tax and estate planning can be difficult and intimidating at the best of times. The terminology may seem complex and the options may appear complicated. That’s why people need financial advisors.


The thing is, we’re not like most financial advisors. We sell advice, pure and simple. Since our focus is advice, we’re good at putting that advice in layman’s terms and helping you take control of your decisions.


We don’t sell products, so we don’t get paid any differently if you take one course of action over another. We get paid by providing comprehensive, holistic advisory services to help you out in areas as diverse as retirement planning, investment strategies, tax planning, estate planning and insurance needs analysis. We even do personal and corporate tax returns through our accounting partner, McVean Professional Corporation (www.mcvean.ca).


Whether you work with an investment advisor already, you’re looking for a new investment advisor or you’re a do-it-yourself investor, there’s a lot more to financial planning than just mastering the stock markets. That’s where we fit in.